Our Ministries

Click below to link to useful sources of information for churches and ministers.

Potomac Association Lay Leadership Institute
Follow this link to the latest information from the PALI, this year’s courses, and how to involve yourself and your congregation.

Central Atlantic Conference
The Central Atlantic Conference comprises five associations of UCC churches in the Mid-Atlantic region, stretching from New Jersey through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The conference offices are located in Catonsville, MD.

2013-2014 Compensation Guidelines for Ministers in the Central Atlantic Conference
These compensation guidelines for pastors serving churches in the Central Atlantic Conference were approved at the conference’s last annual meeting.

Still Speaking Initiative Resources
This site links to resources related to the United Church of Christ’s “God Is Still Speaking” initiative.

United Church Press
Pilgrim Press
These sites, representing the publishing arms of the UCC, offer books and other publications.

The Pension Boards–United Church of Christ, Inc.
This is the website of the institutions that manage the pension plans of UCC ministers and other staff.

UCC Insurance Board
This is a link to information about other UCC-managed insurance plans.

Neighbors in Need Grant Application
Through the annual Neighbors in Need offering, the UCC makes small grants to support social justice projects around the country. The deadline for grant applications is March 31 and September 30.