For Our Ministers

2013 Annual Clergy Survey

Several years ago, the Committee on Church & Ministry noticed a discrepancy in the Conference Directory: there were people listed as Authorized Ministers that folks did not know.  This led to some brainstorming, and ultimately to the idea of an annual review of all people authorized to serve in the Potomac Association.

Our Third Annual Clergy Review Gathering, to assure that we are in contact, communication, and covenant with each other.  The hope is to allow us to find ways to share our joys, our struggles, and our support with all who share in the ministry in our midst.

We are also asking your help in connecting with those who have not regularly participated.  Please forward this email to any PA authorized minister in your circle of friends, your congregation, or your family.

In order to gather the most accurate information, we have created an online form, located at this link:

This link will be active until March 1, when the data will be gathered and complied for record.