Ecclesiastical Council

DATE:              May 17, 2010

TO:                  Delegates of the Local Churches
and all Authorized Ministers of the Potomac Association

FROM:             Rev. Francine Vinson, Chair, Committee on Church and Ministry
Ms. Felicia Simms, Moderator, Potomac Association
Rev. Kwame Osei Reed, Associate Conference Minister

SUBJECT:         Ecclesiastical Council, 6/18/2011


An Ecclesiastical Council is called to examine Bart Cochran as a Candidate for Ordination.

DATE:              Saturday, June 18, 2011
LOCATION:      Bethesda UCC
10010 Fernwood Rd
Bethesda, MD   20817-4925
Phone: (301) 365-3387

SCHEDULE:      9:00 – Registration of Delegates, Continental Breakfast

9:30 – Call to Order, Establishment of Quorum

9:45 – Examination of Candidate for Ordination

11:00 – Adjournment


The purpose of this council is to examine the named Candidate(s) for Ordination, in accordance with the Association Bylaws, Article II.B.2.

As provisioned in the Manual on Ministry, Section 3: Ordained Ministry, Candidates can seek one of two designations from the council:

a)      Authorized for Ordination, Pending Call—where the Candidate has completed the In-Care process, and is seeking a call to ministry

b)      Authorized for Ordination—where the Candidate has completed the In-Care process, and has received a call to ministry


Information on the candidate(s) and applicable information on a call to ministry will be provided via email to the local churches in the Association, and posted on the Association website prior to the council.  Please ensure that delegates and authorized ministers receive this information.

The candidate(s) will provide an oral presentation of a paper describing their faith journey and readiness for ministry, followed by questions/responses/examination by the assembled delegates.  A vote will take place after the candidate’s presentation and examination, with the candidate excused from the voting.


It is important that each congregation be represented at this Ecclesiastical Council.  A quorum for any meeting of the Association shall consist of twenty voting ministers and delegates, from at least seven local churches, including not less than five ordained ministers and five lay persons (Bylaws, VIII.D).

Voting credentials will be issued to each congregation’s delegation upon registration. While voting is restricted to delegates, the meeting is open to all members of the Association.  Congregations are encouraged to invite all members of the congregation to attend.  All authorized ministers with standing in the association are asked to be in attendance.