CANCELED: The Arctic, Climate Change, and US National Security: ´╗┐Reflections from the U.S. Icebreaker, Healy

Join Marisol Maddox to learn about the state of the Arctic- which is experiencing climate change at more than twice the global average- and implications for US national security. She will share experiences from her time with Coast Guard in the Arctic Ocean this past summer on the icebreaker, Healy, as well as the relevance of changes in the Arctic to the rest of the globe. 
Marisol Maddox is an Arctic analyst at the Woodrow Wilson Center, as well as a non-resident research fellow at the Center for Climate & Security, and a graduate student in International Security at George Mason University. Her research considers the security implications of an opening Arctic, the evolution of US strategy in the region, polar governance and geopolitics, climate change risk mitigation, and opportunities for enhanced international collaboration on regenerative solutions to shared security concerns. 

Rev. Laura Martin, Associate Pastor Rock Spring United Church of Christ, 5010 Little Falls Road, Arlington VA 22207, 703-538-4886,

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